Saturday, 1 May 2021

Ria de Camarinas to Ria de Muros

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we sailed past Cape Finisterre.  It was a great sail around one of Europe's great capes, moderated by the memory of those lost on the FSC yacht Finisterre off the WA coast in 2018.

Approaching Cape Finisterre

We departed Ria de Camarinas at 1030 after waiting for a gap in the rain showers.  The showers appear to follow the coast south around here.  We motored out in next to no wind, hoping to find wind once we got away from the showers.  The wind came in after about two hours of motoring.  We then had a great sail south the the cape and onward into Ria de Muros.  We had originally planned to anchor behind the cape but were having too good a sail to stop.

Here are the plots...

Overall Track

Arrival Track


Here are the vital stats for the passage…

    • Distances/Speeds
        • Route Distance = 34nm
        • Logged Distance = 31nm (log under-reading is improving)
        • GPS Distance = 36nm
        • Duration = 7 hours
        • Average speed over ground = 5.1 kt
        • Minimum boat speed = 4 kt
        • Maximum boat speed = 8 kt
    • Weather
        • Minimum wind speed = 2 kt
        • Average wind speed = 15 kt
        • Maximum wind speed = gusts to 25 kt
        • Apparent wind angle range = 120 to 150
        • Seas up to 1m NE
        • Swell up to 1m NW
        • Broken cloud gradually clearing
    • Engine
        • Total = 2 hours

The NW coast of Spain has interesting weather.  Showers travel on the prevailing NE winds from the Bay of Biscay over the coast.  Each afternoon the wind seems to be accelerated by a sea breeze from the same direction.  The wind also accelerates in front of the clouds and dies after them.

Punta Carriero

Zen Again loved the NE breeze of 15-20 knots.  We enjoyed the scenery, particularly the high coastal range south of Cape Finistere.  Rocky headlands covered in yellow flowers.  Bare rocky off-lying islets.  Very reminiscent of the WA south coast between Cape Leeuwin and Albany.

We rounded Punta Carriero under sail and close reached into San Francisco Bay.  No Golden Gate bridge to be seen.  The bay is lined by a few houses including a couple of restaurants.  Might try one of them today!

Sailing into Ensenada de San Francisco

We enjoyed lovely warm sunshine after arriving.  The warmest we've felt since last summer.  The water temperature here is 16C.  The air temperature is ranging from 9C to 15C.  Warming up a little over the next day or two we hope.

Trust all's well where you are!


  1. Hi,

    My husband and I are planning to leave the U.K. in July and head to the Rias and Portugal, so it is really interesting to read your posts. Very helpful to see your tracks and stats. Will help us to plan. Many thanks
    Caron and Martin (Escapade of London)

  2. Thanks Escapades. Hope our paths cross somewhere this year.