Friday, 27 January 2012

Wet Weather, Brass Bands and New Fans

Hi everyone,
We've been back aboard for a couple of weeks now after a holiday in Perth.

This week we finally had some real wet weather.  The monsoon trough moved over Darwin and a low pressure system developed nearby.  We watched it move over the top of Darwin on the BoM radar.  We had over 200mm of rain in 24 hours.  Cool! (literally).  Winds got up to about 40knots in the marina but that just helped cool us all down more.

The rain and wind continued on Australia Day, although moderating quickly during the day.  We spent the evening at Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association where the Darwin City Brass Band put on a great show.
Rainy days!
We have new best-friends aboard.  A pair of Caframo Ultimate 747 fans.  They are superb.  Quiet and moves a lot of air (vice the the other 747 which isn't quiet and moves a lot of people).

New best friend
We now have the INavX app installed on our iPad with Navionics charts installed.  This prompted a revamp of our instrument panel.  The space shuttle she ain't, but she's got what we need.  The HF is now flush mounted and the iPad is promoted to a place on the panel.

Hope all's well where you are!