Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Information for FSC Beyond Bali Rally

Hi everyone,
Here are a set of posts which may be useful to sailors taking part in Fremantle Sailing Club's Wonderful Indonesia Fremantle to Bali Race & Rally 2013, or more particularly those doing the Beyond Bali rally.

Several of the posts are about using GoogleEarth "charts" in OpenCPN.  The two pictures below illustrate why they are useful, noting both are screenshots from OpenCPN with no internet connection at the time.

CM93 Chart
GoogleEarth Image
Which would you prefer?  And in the area shown the reefs are actually charted reasonably well!  In areas of the world with poor charts GoogleEarth imagery is an invaluable aid to navigation.  Like all aids to navigation - USE WITH CARE.

Posts on GoogleEarth topics:
The first post gives more info generally.  The second described the software which allows you to make your own "charts".  A DVD with a large range of GE "charts" is available to Beyond Bali participants.

GPS tracks through SE Asia:
These show Zen Again's tracks into and out of many of the anchorages Beyond Bali is visiting.  When looking at our tracks note I was cruising West while you will be cruising East!  Use at your own risk!

To access the tracks, follow the link below and in the global map pan/zoom-in to the Indonesian area.  You'll find several track sets.  Click on each to identify the source and for download options.  Download the GPX file for use in OpenCPN.

Our blog posts from places you may visit:

Posts summarising our 2012 Rally Experiences:

Please note I am not involved in the organisation of the Beyond Bali rally.  I'm just a FSC member who cruised through Indonesia in 2012.  Here's hoping someone finds the above collection useful!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Refit Week 8

Hi everyone,
This week priming of the hull and topsides was completed, and Awlgrip polyurethane high-gloss topcoat applied to the topsides.  Let's just let the pictures do the talking...

Getting started
Precision result
Very shiny
Painting of the mast and boom were also completed.

Painting the Mast
Very shiny too!
There will be no work on the boat for the next two weeks during the Thai Songkran festival.  But that's OK - looking at this week's pictures will keep us happy for at least that long!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Refit Week 7

Hi everyone,
Very obvious developments this week.  The hull has been primed in blue-grey, and the deck, mast and boom in white.

Less obvious work includes the filling of an old chain locker drain hole on the stem of the boat, plus opening out two other chain locker drain holes on each side of the bow.

Anyway, by far the most exciting developments are visual.  Here are the photos...

Priming the deck
Priming the topsides
Primed mast
Wow - how good are the finished topsides and deck going to look?  ;)