Sunday, 6 February 2011

Refit 2010 Completion and Return to Batemans Bay

Refit 2010 was completed at Noakes Boatyard in Sydney.  In addition to the items listed in the "Refit 2010" post we also had the following work done:

  • Replaced P-bracket cutlass bearing
  • Made good a couple of scrapes to the topside
  • Refitted original Aries Lift-Up Vane Gear to the transom

Epoxied and ready to antifoul

Antifouled with Coppershield (aka Coppercoat)
For the passage home we were very lucky with the weather.  Sunny skies and northerlies persisted for all but the last hour or so of the passage.
Sydney to Jervis Bay track

Outward bound through Sydney Heads

"Kami" the Raymarine SPX-5 GP tiller pilot
We stopped at Jervis Bay for about 24 hours, anchored at the Hole in the Wall.  Our intent was to avoid thunderstorms, but they reappeared the following day just as we approached Batemans Bay.  We sailed through heavy rain when entering the Bay, giving the boat (and us) a good wash.

Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay track

Departing Jervis Bay towards Batemans Bay 
At Batemans Bay Marina
Home on the Clyde River
Now for Refit 2011 which will complete our cruising preparations - or at least those items needing to be done prior to departure.  The items planned include:

  • Register as an Australian Ship
  • Complete installation and testing of "Kazi" the Aries vane gear
  • Build "pedestal" to replace saloon table with a larger stowage unit
  • Prepare galley cut-out and surrounds for new cooktop/oven/grill
  • Replace Ham HF/VHF/UHF with Marine/Ham HF
  • Install additional fresh water tankage


  1. Hello,

    I know this post is a bit dated but perhaps in reference to the question it will be more relevant. I saw that you had used coppercoat/coppershield as your anti fouling coat. How has it fared ?? Do you feel it was a good investment ??

    Great blog



  2. Hi Mark,
    We're very happy with Coppercoat/Coppershield. The boat has been in the water for nearly two years now and we like being able to give her a quick wipe-off without producing clouds of toxic antifoul. So far I'd say it has been a good investment.

    The only problem is that all our cruising gear sank the boat more than expected. We should have raised the waterline more than we did when having the coppershield applied!