Sunday, 10 April 2011

Completing Refit and Starting Provisioning

We're now officially not employed.  Very liberating.  Busier than ever completing our refit and commencing provisioning.

Last week we installed the "pedestal" which replaced the previous saloon table.  The pedestal provides much more stowage space.  It is very securely mounted to the floor frames.

The Pedestal
Also last week Phoenix Traditional Boats remodelled the galley to house our new Force 10 stove.  They did a great job, installing stainless steel flashing around the stove and mounting it very securely.

New Galley
Over the weekend we provisioned the boat with most of the non-perishable food we'll depart with.  The first photo below shows most of the food in the cockpit, and the second shows the pedestal "loaded".

Foodstuffs ready to be stowed

Pedestal fully loaded!
In other news we tried out our new ATN MastClimber.  Works well but I need to get fit and improve my technique.  I inspected the rig and found no significant issues.  We do want to replace the masthead tricolour and anchor light globes with LED versions, but that's a job for later.

Three weeks until we move aboard!

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