Thursday, 5 May 2011

Refuge Bay Continued

We're quickly adjusting to cruising. After a good night's sleep here in Refuge Bay we decided it's too nice a place to leave after only 24 hours. So we're staying another night.

Refuge Bay

Today was spent working on the to-do list. The to-do list is quite extensive, particularly given our original plan was to gradually refit Zen Again over 4 years. That was reduced to a single year when we decided to sell up and go this year. Today we installed a set of deadeyes on the pedestal, installed deadeyes to properly secure the spare anchor, made up and marked an anchor buoy and line, polished a lot of stainless steel on deck, and made toast and baked a cake to test the grill and oven.

For breakfast today we had scrambled eggs on toast. For lunch we had tuna salad. For afternoon tea we had cake. It's a tough life! :)

Tuna Salad Lunch

We expect to depart Refuge Bay tomorrow afternoon for an overnight passage to Port Stephens. The winds are forecast to be 20-30 knots initially, decreasing overnight to 15-20 - all from the south. Sounds great!

Zen Again in Refuge Bay

By the way, there's no mobile phone coverage in the National Park around Refuge Bay, so HF is our only means of communication here.

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  1. Great to see the updates Mike and Nicola!! Hope you are both well and having a great time. We love all the info - such a great adventure.

    Melissa and Arron