Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yorkeys Knob continued

We've now spent three very pleasant days here at Yorkeys Knob marina.  It's the first place where we've been consistently warm!  We expect to depart tomorrow towards Lizard Island.  We expect to be out of mobile phone and internet coverage until we reach Darwin in about a month so our blogs will be text only, sent via HF radio.

Yorkey's Knob clubhouse
A number of items on the to-do list have been crossed off the list.  Most importantly the new fridge is in and working, using far less power than the old fridge.  On removing the old Engel we discovered it was manufactured in 1985, so it has almost certainly been aboard since the boat was launched in 1986.  Very impressive that it was still working at all, but it certainly needed replacement.  We can run the new fridge 24/7 and the solar panel provides enough charge.  At sea we'll need to run the engine, but we like to run it for an hour or so each day in any event.

Other jobs done include:
  • stripping back, priming and antifouling the Aries vane gear's water vane;
  • fitted rubber pads to the Aries vane gear swinging arm (to soften the impact when it hits the stops);
  • refitted the autopilot pin on the tiller and installed a spare nearby;
  • fixed an engine fuel leak (several loose bolts);
  • rerouted the boom vang line to eliminate chafe;
  • rearranged the boombag attachment lines and the lazyjacks;
  • refueled the main diesel tanks (we used 80litres in 2 months) and filled the spare jerry cans;
  • restocked with perishable food; and
  • cleaned and tested the "shower" (a garden spray bottle with hose and shower head attached).
We expect to spend 4-6 days at Lizard Island before moving on to Flinders Island, Lockhart River (or other anchorage nearby), Possession Island, Wessel Islands and Darwin.  We hope to spend several days in the Wessels.  We're booked in to Tipperary Waters marina in Darwin from 5th August.

The passage past Cape York will be poignant since it is there our lovely boat had her nearly terminal encounter with a reef.  Happily the boat and her crew (Zen) managed to stay afloat and got to Thursday Island where they returned to Cairns on a barge for repairs.  Zen Again is back to try again!

We'll keep posting blogs and position reports so long as HF radio propagation allows.  Photos will have to wait until we reach Darwin.

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