Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back to Rebak

Hi everyone,
On Monday we returned "home" to Rebak Island Marina.  Zen Again was hauled out, hosed down and propped-up on the hardstand by 1000.  The surveyor appointed by our insurers arrived as we were hauling out and he carried out his inspection over the next couple of hours.

Prior to returning to Rebak we enjoyed a few days of relaxation anchored at Telaga Harbour.  We only went ashore once, but had a great lunch at one of the restaurants there.  Three course meal including the best steaks since Darwin for RM40 each.  At anchor we found the boat was taking a little water whenever there was any motion.  We also took water when motoring from Telaga to Rebak in calm conditions.

Telaga Anchorage
Telaga Sunset

There was no major external damage visible but the surveyor could see where water had been coming in, and his report makes clear the work that needs to be done.  This includes mast removal, compression post removal and cutting out the lower part of the main bulkhead - all to get to the damaged area in the cabin.  Externally the hull will need to be cut back and new fibreglass laid up over the damaged area.  The surveyor and insurance company have cleared us to sail to Phuket for repairs.

Zen Again on the hard at Rebak Island Marina
We enjoyed our last few days at Rebak Island.  It's a great place to keep a boat while enjoying all the facilities of a very nice resort.  We stripped the boat of a lot of "stuff" mounted on the stern - no need for lifebuoys, dan buoys etc when single-handing!  We also dismounted the Aires vane gear since it won't be used for a while.

Today we are flying to Perth.  We'll be looking for work to fund the repairs and the refit we now have planned.  In February I'll fly back to the boat and sail her north to Boat Lagoon in Phuket.  There the grounding damage will be repaired and a number of other jobs done.  If all goes to plan Zen Again will have a great new "look" come May!   She'll be ready in all respects for the blue water cruising we still want to do.  Watch this space...

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  1. Mike
    sorry to hear of your encounter with the "hard bits" to which I say "but there for the grace of God go I."

    I would suspect that you have found out a little of the yachts history when Mr Zen - owned the yacht - it may well be part of the issue that is currently facing the yacht.

    If I recall a similar issue was faced when finding the hard bits in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

    Noel (another mate of mine) has installed a forward looking sonar - prior to install he was highly resistive - his experience has been one of total conversion.

    might well be worth your time to have a look at or noonsite to see how these might fit in the mix ,

    new topic
    its a big sail down to Aus from Indon (and back again)

    and yes I miss sailing terribly

    take good care you too - love the blog
    fair winds and following seas