Monday, 11 February 2013

Phi Phi Don

Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Kantiang Bay to Ao Lohdalum on Phi Phi Don island. The sail took 5 1/2 hours for the 26nm passage. We are now anchored at 07 44.948N 098 46.055E in 13m over sand.

Zen Again Track
The night at Kantiang Bay was quiet but fairly rolly. Getting underway in the morning was a question of hauling up the chain and anchor manually since the windlass is out of action for the moment. With the anchor stowed I unrolled the jib and off we went. Didn't need to put the engine in gear. I'm nursing the engine a little since it is leaking raw water in slowly increasing amounts. I've checked the hoses but can't find the source. Spongeing out the bilge to remove the water leaking in around the keel is a 15 minutely chore - I'd really prefer not to have to do the same under the engine!

Departing Kantiang Bay
The passage was very pleasant with a quite consistent easterly breeze. Initially it was only 5-8 knots in the lee of the island but it gradually built to 8-12 knots and remained on the beam. Champagne sailing. As we approached Phi Phi Don I decided to sail around the south of the island to the bay on the western side. It seemed likely to offer better protection and hopefully would have less tourist boat traffic. The sail through the strait between Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le, which is further south, was a bit boisterous. I should have got the main down before going through. I got it down in choppy seas while the wind was changing direction all over the place, but 20 knots at all times. From there we motored quietly in.

At anchor at Phi Phi Don 
There are several other yachts anchored in the bay. Tourist boats zoom in and out of the mouth of the bay but most stop short of where we're anchored. A few come past, about one every 5 minutes or so. Hopefully they'll take the tourists back to their hotels mid-afternoon and us yachties have some peace.

Tomorrow it's the final leg to Phuket. Here's hoping the pleasant winds continue!

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