Friday, 22 March 2013

Refit Week 5

Hi everyone,
This week the keel was refitted and a new waterline established.  Hull planing, hull repairs and deck equipment stripping continued.

New laser designated waterline
New fibreglass making good the grounding damage forward and aft of the keel is now complete.

Repairs around keel trailing edge
Repairs around keel leading edge
Hull planed up to new waterline
Aft view
The hull moisture is looking very good.  Only the rudder and skeg have a high moisture reading.  Laying up the "new hull" is expected to occur next week.  The rudder and skeg will be done later.

Hull moisture - dry!
Rudder moisture - wet!
Preparation for painting of the deck is going well.  Final fittings are being removed, with the stem head, anchor roller and windlass removed from the bow, and the vane gear mounts, chainplate and other fittings removed from the transom.  The deck is expected to be epoxy primed next week.

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