Sunday, 15 September 2013

Inescapable Rebak

Hi everyone,
We're now back in Perth, and Zen Again is once again in a pen at Rebak Resort Marina.  So much for returning our lovely boat to WA this year!

We spent several stormy days at Telaga Marina after deciding it really wasn't wise to risk the passage around Sumatra to Cocos Island.  In the end we decided we had too little faith in our 20+ year old engine.  So back to Rebak we went during a brief break in the weather.

At Telaga Harbour

We're now looking at a range of options to return Zen Again to Fremantle.  Step one however will be to replace our engine.  We came very, very close to doing so in Darwin, and have regretted not doing so ever since.

Zen Again once more at Rebak Resort Marina

We are considering replacing our current 27hp Yanmar with a smaller engine, and not necessarily a Yanmar.  The 27hp easily drives the boat at lower RPM than it should be running at, so we haven't been working the engine as hard as it should be.  Hence the huge carbon build-ups we discovered in Darwin.

We would like to also replace the propellor since we know the current fixed pitch, 2-blade, folding prop is over-pitched (that is, it takes too big a "bite" at the water and the engine can't get up to the RPM it is supposed to be running at).  If we replace the prop the new one will be a Bruntons Autoprop which sets its pitch automagically.  We had one on our previous boat and it was excellent.

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