Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Departed Admiral Marina

Hi everyone,
This morning we cleared out of Malaysia and departed Port Dickson towards Nongsa Point, Indonesia. Clearing out was quite straightforward, with visits first to the harbour master then to the customs office next door where we were given our port clearance certificate. From there we took a taxi to the Ferry Terminal where we visited the immigration office and had our passports stamped. At the Ferry Terminal we met the crew of another yacht also clearing out and heading south. They are Malaysian but have their boat serviced in Singapore. They gave us a lift on the back of their ute and we had a chicken and rice brunch with them before returning to the marina.

After paying the marina bill and final preparations we departed the marina at 1120 this morning. We motored for the first hour, then had three hours sailing with a light SSW wind. We were only doing 3 to 4 knots but it was a pleasant sail. At 1600 we had to turn the motor on when the wind decreased and we were only making 2.5 knots boat speed. We've been motoring since then, doing 5.5 knots with help from the full main and #2 jib.

We are proceeding along the edge of the traffic separation zone, watching the steady stream of big ships passing by. It's very hazy here today and visibility is only 5 miles at best. So far we've seen very few fishing nets and no fishing boats. Hopefully that will continue overnight.

Trust all's well where you are.

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  1. Hi Mike and Robert,
    Hope you have a safe and pleasant trip.
    best wishes,
    Kim Klaka