Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pig Trough Again

Hi everyone,
This weekend the weather was good for another visit to Pig Trough anchorage at Garden Island.  We sailed over on Saturday in cloudy but rain-free conditions with a nice 10-12 knot westerly.  A single leg without having to tack.

Zen Again tracks - straight out, gybing back
We arrived at Pig Trough at about midday and spent a lazy afternoon aboard.  Played around with the new TV and Raspberry Pi computer.  The pi runs OpenCPN quite well, including plotting AIS targets as shown below.  It is a little slow zooming in and out but otherwise is perfectly fine.

OpenCPN showing AIS targets while running on Raspberry Pi
During the afternoon FSC yachts Aqua Vitae and Divided Sky arrived in the anchorage.  We had a very pleasant sundowner on Divided Sky.  There were a few light showers during the afternoon as a weak cold front came through but the anchorage was very well protected.

On Sunday morning the folks visited Zen Again for coffee.  It was a little damp outside occasionally but the weather was gradually improving.

We sailed back to FSC in the early afternoon, continuing to test OpenCPN on the pi.  No problems.  We sailed back under jib alone - just to be cruisy.  The boat was doing 3 to 4.5 knots under the No 2 yankee alone in 10-12 knots of breeze.  We gybed a couple of times to keep a good angle and to stay in deep water.

Twas a very pleasant weekend!

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