Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Point Picquet to Quindallup, logging 8nm tacking into a breeze which varied from 15 to 25 knots.  We are now on a mooring at 33 37.48S 115 08.16E in 2.5m of water.

Late yesterday afternoon the S wind which was making the anchorage nice and flat went around to the SE.  The anchorage became a little uncomfortable but not unpleasant.  We had a good night there.

This morning the SE wind became stronger and we decided to head for Quindallup, as had been our original plan.  There was a 1m sea coming through the anchorage by then so it was a good test of our manual windlass.  We got the anchor up quite easily without having to resort to using the engine to drive forward over the anchor.  Amazing how well simply winching up the catenary in the chain works.

Here's our track...

Zen Again track
We started out under motor, added the staysail, hoisted a double-reefed main, replaced the staysail with a well rolled yankee, shook out one reef in the main and finally rolled out more yankee.  All that while heading east.  It was another good test of our sail handling systems and the yankee is easy to reef.  Best of all it works well from fully unrolled to deeply furled with no change in block position.

We had a great tack SSW into Quindallup anchorage.  The SSE wind was very gusty, from 15 over 25 knots we estimated.  Zen Again loved it.

On arrival in the anchorage Andrew from Revision II came over in his dinghy to suggest potential available moorings.  We found one and since then have been relaxing.  The only other yacht here at Quindallup which is part of the FSC New Year Cruise is Koniari.  We expect others will arrive after celebrating the New Year in Bunbury.

Quindallup anchorage
Revision II
We expect to spend two nights here before commencing our return to FSC in stages.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Siver me timbers Cap'n, another year seems to have flown past. Happy Birthday. Hope you are having a nice day.

  2. Thanks Deedz. A very nice day indeed. See latest blog.