Sunday, 3 July 2016

Falmouth to Plymouth

Hi everyone,
Today we day-sailed from Falmouth to Plymouth.  We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 days in Falmouth and got everything done there we needed.  We could easily have stayed for a week but we need to move east to access better rail transport.

The weather today was about as good as we're likely to get for the next week.  It was partly sunny with occasional showers.  There was a perfect westerly wind of 15-20 knots.  We departed at 1000 and arrived at 1900.  The route was 38nm, we logged 50nm and covered 46nm over the ground.

Zen Again Track
Zen Again Speed
There were quite a number of fishing floats in the approaches to Falmouth, as there were when we arrived on Wednesday.  Most of them have flag poles which make them easier to see than those back home in Australia.

Along the way we were visited by groups of dolphins several times.  They were quite playful and it's always fun to have their company.

The entrance to Plymouth is straightforward but a little interesting.  It has a long breakwater running W-E across the outer harbour - isolated from the shore.  The breakwater is barely above water at high tide.  Once inside the breakwater there are numerous marina options for yachts.  We are anchoring so decided to stay overnight at Barn Pool which is a short distance up the Tamar River.  We motored around Drake's Island to enter the Tamar.
Plymouth Breakwater
Drake's Island
Plymouth Hoe
At anchor in Barn Pool on the Tamar River
Barn Pool is a small anchorage on the outside of a bend in the river.  It has a relatively shallow area where anchoring is easy.  A shingle beach is only a few boat-lengths away with a grassed area and woods beyond - very tranquil.  On the other side of the river is Devonport and its large naval base - less tranquil!

Tomorrow we expect to go further up the river, close to the Tamar Bridge.  We understand it is quiet and the anchoring is free as it is here.

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