Saturday, 15 December 2018

Winter Maintenance in London #2

Hi everyone,
Season's Greetings!  Hope everyone's having fun.  Here aboard Zen Again in St Katharine Docks we're keeping warm - just!  It's 3C outside and raining.  Below it is a cosy 17C.

Saloon with new cushions and Christmas decorations
Our latest winter maintenance has involved replacing our upholstery.  We now have new forepeak and saloon settee cushions which are marvellous.  We chose Shipshape Bedding to make them after talking with them at the 2017 Southampton Boat Show.

We're unsure how old the previous cushions were - we suspect at least 15 years.  The forepeak cushions were disposed of in 2013 when we were in SE Asia.  The quarter berth cushions went last year.  The former weren't being used and the mould was becoming hard to control back then in the humid heat.  The latter are unnecessary since the quarter berth is now a stowage area not a berth.

The project started in the autumn when we began measuring up for new forepeak cushions.  We knew we were soon going to be moving back aboard.  Sleeping in the two saloon settee berths was fine at sea but not when living aboard in a marina.

Template for the two forepeak cushions
(on a double-bed)
The forepeak has two fold-down, canvas-covered aluminium-frame pilot berths.  We wanted to bridge the gap between them to make a queen-size berth.  Shipshape Bedding suggested various ideas.  We decided to fit a triangular marine plywood board inside the main cushion, with the foam rebated for the board.

We had the board cut to size when in Cowes this year.  The two forepeak cushions were ordered in October and delivered on time in November.  It was great to have a nice comfy bed again!

Forepeak cushions
(note board location on underside)
In November we did templates for the saloon settee cushions.  We added details for the seat backs but are holding off having them made - cushions might be sufficient.  Each template was sent to Shipshape, checked by them, bill paid and then they started work.

Settee template in-situ
Saloon settee cushion - perfect fit
Last Wednesday evening we attended the Cruising Association's Christmas Dinner.  It started with mince pies and mulled wine at the club in Limehouse.  Next we walked to nearby St Anne's church for a Carol Service.  Finally back at the club we had a very nice Christmas meal.  All in very good company.

Zen Again sporting a Christmas Wreath

Trust all's well where you are!

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