Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Gosport to Gosport #1

Hi everyone,
On Sunday we went for a sail.  Awesome!  We sailed west along the Solent until we could see the Needles then sailed back again.  We had a nice 10-15knot SW breeze and the tide helped us there and helped us back.

Here's our track...
Zen Again Track
Ain't it marvellous what a favourable current can do for your "tacking angles"!

And here are the usual statistics...

  • Distances/Speeds
    • GPS Distance = 40nm
    • Duration = 8 hours
    • Average ground speed = 5.0 kt
  • Weather
    • Minimum wind speed = 8 kt
    • Average wind speed = 12 kt
    • Maximum wind speed = 16 kt
    • Apparent wind angle range = 45 to 170
    • Seas up to 0.5m
    • Scattered high cloud
  • Engine
    • Total = 1 hour
    • Driving = 1 hour
    • Charging = 0 hours

And here are the plots...
Environment Plot 
Performance Plot
The plots are from our NMEA2000 network, YachtDevices Voyage Recorder and python script SaiLog_Plot.  There's something amiss with the Apparent Wind Direction but it shows when we were tacking.  The Speed plot clearly shows the help we got from the tide.

Crossing the Swashway outside Portsmouth
View back to Portsmouth
Initially we had a light SW breeze and set full sail.  We tacked to and fro heading west.  Our new running rigging worked well.  Gradually the wind built and we had 2 furls in the yankee from Cowes to Lymington.

RN Minesweeper
Happy Skipper
Ferry off Cowes
When we were between Yarmouth and Lymington we were running out of tidal assistance.  So it was time to bear away and head home.  By the time we reached Cowes we had a nice current with us.
Needles and Hirst Castle in sight
Running home 
Helpful current off Cowes
The small craft channel into Portsmouth is on the western side of the main channel.  Once through the entrance it's a very short distance to Gosport Premier Marina.

Approaching Portsmouth Harbour entrance
Portsmouth Harbour entrance
It was fantastic to get Zen Again out sailing after nearly two months in the pen.  Over the last week the marina has started to come to life.  We're meeting neighbours who were unable to visit their boats during the full lockdown.  The cafe has re-opened with a take-away service.

Next weekend is a long weekend.  Hopefully we'll be able to get out again!

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