Thursday, 31 May 2012

Alcaro Bay

Hi everyone,
We are now in Alcaro Bay on the Cobourg Peninsula (11 18S 131 48E) after a great overnight passage on Tuesday night from Fannie Bay. Winds varied from 10 to 25+ knots from ESE to SSE. A great shakedown cruise - for us as much as the boat. We used just about all plain sail combinations - full main & No2 down to double-reefed main with staysail. Nothing broke. Kami the autopilot did a great job.

Zen Again Track
We pushed the tide through the Vernon Islands, but this was fine since it is neap tides at present. We then had tide with us across Van Diemen Gulf and out past Cape Don. The wind direction allowed us to sail through the Vernon channel without having to tack. The water was flat due to the lee of the islands. Once out into the Gulf the seas were very lumpy - quite uncomfortable - but Zen Again powered through doing 6-7 knots on a close reach. After a while we could bear away onto a beam reach which made life more comfortable.

Figuring out the sports camera
It was quite a black night with complete cloud cover most of the night. We even had a little rain for a few minutes. Two supply barges passed us in the Vernons, both passing about 200m clear after we talked on VHF. We saw the lights of three yachts westbound as we approached Cape Don. We arrived off Alcaro Bay at dawn and were by then ready for a rest. Once clear of the reef just outside, the Bay itself is clear of dangers and the water is flat. Nice looking beaches but we left them for another day.

For those interested in the stats we logged 99nm in 17 hours with an average speed of 5.5 knots. GPS average 5.6, max 8.0 and track 99nm.

Under the awning at Alcaro Bay
Today (Thursday) we had a very lazy day. We stayed aboard and did a few odd jobs. I mounted an emergency engine start switch in the engine bay, while Nicki baked a loaf of very yummy bread. We spent a lot of time relaxing in the cockpit and saw the local dugong nosing around. Tomorrow we plan a run ashore. Hopefully we won't see the local crocs - or they us! ;) Then on Saturday we expect to head east - weather permitting.

Trust all's well where you are.

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  1. Sounds great! Getting colder here and wet. Take care, J & D xx
    PS did you get my email before you left?