Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Outboard

Hi everyone,
Hello again from Fannie Bay.  Yesterday our new outboard arrived and all of a sudden we're mobile again.  Marvellous.

Darwin Sailing Club has an excellent outboard servicing area which I used to add the necessary oil and petrol.  I used the flushing tank to run the engine for a few minutes before conducting successful "sea trials".  Nice engine.

New outboard motor
Today we motored Zen Again in from our spring tide anchorage spot to be closer to the shore during the current neap tides.  The idea was that the engine mechanic would visit us today but sadly that didn't happen.  Hopefully he'll appear tomorrow.

We have solved one of the engine problems, that of the motor being hard to start.  That turned out to be a poor electrical connection near the new batteries we installed several months ago.  All part of debugging the new systems before we leave Darwin.  Hopefully the engine problem (an air leak near one of the injectors) will be fixed soon.

Hope all's well where you are!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Ian Kelly pointed me at your blog because we are headed to Darwin in a couple of weeks and may be in the market to replace our Lifeline AGM house bank. Since you recently purchased an AGM battery for your starting battery you have probably researched the local market.

    you can reach me at to move this conversation off your blog.

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