Monday, 31 December 2012

Hole in the Wall

Hi everyone,
Today we motored from Kuah to the Hole in the Wall anchorage on the NE side of Langkawi. There was next to no wind and it drizzled and occasionally rained for much of the 15nm trip. We're now anchored at 06 25.1N 099 51.9E in 7m over mud. We're only a couple of boat lengths from the mangroves, so have deployed our hatch screens to keep the bugs out. The rain is continuing, which may also help keep the bugs away. The scenary here is spectacular.

Zen Again Track
Since we knew we'd be motoring we took the "inside" passage which is 10nm shorter than going outside all the islands. It took us through some quite narrow passages and across one particularly shallow area. The latter was NNE of Selat Pulau Balek where we found minimum depth to be 2.7m (1 hour after LW springs). That's about what the charts show. We approached the entrance to Hole in the Wall from the SE where we found significant chart offsets but depths deeper than charted.

Closer look at chart offset at Hole in the Wall
Closer look at chart offset through the shallows
Once inside Hole in the Wall we explored the main N-S channel as far as the fork to the W. On passing the fork the depths decreased very rapidly so we did a rapid 180 and motored quietly up the W channel where the many small ferry boats dock. There is a long "trot" of fore/aft moorings for yachts, most of which seemed to be in use but with no signs of life aboard the yachts. There were a few restaurants and a kayak hire place for the tourists. After exploring this busy channel we returned to the main channel where we anchored N of the fork, on the W side of the channel.

Approaching Hole in the Wall
Entrance visible
Passing through the "hole"
View of the "hole" from within the inlet
View of the inner channel which holds a number of yacht moorings
At anchor
Brahminy Kite
All day there have been small ferry boats zooming to and fro. After 1700 they stopped and it is now quiet. Just the soft sound of light rain to be heard. There are three other yachts anchored in the main channel for the New Year.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Happy New Year to you both! For the first time I have had Shiptrak working and I think it is the best of the three options. I can see why you are in shallow waters and near the mangroves. Looking forward to seeing the photos. Christelle has been following your journey avidly too. See you in a couple of weeks xx