Monday, 10 December 2012

Langkawi Tour

Hi everyone,
On Saturday night we had the final Sail Malaysia dinner.  It was held at a very nice resort on the main Langkawi Island - Burau Bay.  Getting between Rebak Island and Langkawi Island is fun - on 30-40 foot launches powered by several hundred "horses".  They fly along at well over 30 knots.

The dinner was very enjoyable, particularly circulating amongst the yachties we've sailed with during the Dili Rally, Sail Indonesia and Sail Malaysia.  We were lucky in that we sailed with the Dili fleet, a group of mainly Kiwi yachts, the French yachts, as well as with Kakadu after meeting them in Flores.  At the dinner there was also a traditional dance show, which started very traditional and ended up very "hip-hop"ish.  Very colourful.  There were speeches but they were kept mercifully short.

On Sunday we had our final Sail Malaysia coach tour.  We visited a number of places around Langkawi Island.  The first was the Seven Wells Waterfall.  Very hot walking there (only a 10 minute walk) but nice and cool once we got there

Seven Wells Waterfall
From the waterfall it is a very short drive to the cable car complex.  The complex houses a deer park, rabbit "farm" and lots of tourist shops and restaurants as well as the cable car.  Since our tour was sponsored by the Langkawi Development Authority we got into the express queue for the cable car.

Going Up! 
Second Stage
Great View!
There is a great view from the top, and it's much cooler!  Nice ice cream too!  The elevation is over 700m, very similar to the top of Penang Hill.  Apparently the rock formations here in Langkawi are some of the oldest in SE Asia - over 500 million years old.

In the afternoon we visited Galeria Perdana, which holds state gifts received while Dr Mahathir was president of Malaysia.  Everything from motor cars to machine guns...

A small part of Dr Mahathir's gun collection
Ditto cars
Today (Monday) we have the final Sail Malaysia event.  It is on here at Rebak Marina, but no-one seems to know what's involved.  All we know is that it runs from 1100 to 1600.  There has been a rumour of a "trash n treasure" session so we spent last night digging out all the "stuff" on board that we no longer need.  ie Non-safety items which have failed the "used in the last year" test.

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