Friday, 10 May 2013

Refit Week 11

Hi everyone,
This week the rudder was rebuilt, the toerails replaced and progress made on various new stainless steel fittings.

The rudder was rebuilt due to very bad osmosis and it being full of water.  Happily the stainless shaft and "frame" were found to be in pretty good shape so could be re-used.

Stripping the old rudder
Tidying up the s/s frame
One side laid up
Finishing the job
New rudder!
The old toerails were quite badly corroded in places due to dissimilar metals (eg stainless steel staunchions and the like).  There were also a couple of bent sections from minor collisions in times past.  Happily Precision had a toerail from an Oyster 43 which had similar section and was in much better condition.

New toerails and cabin windows
New stemhead
Nice quarter view
Jobs still to do include fitting new s/s pushpit/arch, windlass, anchor roller and mast fittings, a new cabin sole and hull antifouling.  Should be completed in early June if not later this month.


  1. Mike
    the work - and the quality of the work is mind blowing - all I can say - is that if you guys want to sell her in say 5- 10 years - i'll be the first man down

    congratulations - I loved the way this yacht sailed - such sure footedness - and to see the effort you have both gone to - excellent.

    And well done to Pantheius Insurers as well -

    I pray that all is well - you wont have to be with the land locked work too long to sort out the bank balance -

    take good care

    Ian and Annie