Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Refit Week 12

Hi everyone,
This week the hull was antifouled and progress made on the stainless steel work.  The antifoul is Coppercoat (known as Coppershield in Australia).  Hopefully it will live up to its reputation and last for 10 years.

Today we discovered Kleenhull which provides anodes intended for vessels using copper-based antifouling.  Last year we found the Coppercoat antifoul was corroding away near the zinc anode on the skeg.  We plan to try Kleenhull anodes this time.

Looking good down-under
Much nicer keel-hull join now
Nice contrast (although the antifoul changes colour in the water)
Nice Bow
Very Nice (and note the new pushpit & arch)
Nice Stern too!
Name, home port, club and sail number will be painted on the transom.  On each side of the boom and the bow we'll have the name.  Here's hoping the colour we've chosen will work!  The photo below shows one of the stencils.
Preparing the the signwriting
The new pushpit integrates an arch/goalpost which supports a frame for our new solar panels.  260W of solar power should be plenty to keep all systems going without using the engine - even on overcast days.  The pushpit extends forwards to provide solid handrails around the cockpit, with wire lifelines forward from there.
New integrated lifelines, pushpit, goalpost and solar panels frame
Just about all the original deck-gear is now remounted, together with some new items.

Two more clutches per side and new stainless handrails
Solid handrails extend forward from the pushpit
Polished granny-bars and new handrails and new solid lifelines
The top hatch has been rotated 180 degrees!
Can't wait for next week when I'll be back up in Phuket to oversee the final work on the refit!


  1. Hey Mike
    just a thought - if I remember rightly copper shield in time changes colour to a greenish look

    now a little thought - would a separating stripe (contrasting color) between antifould and hull achieve a nice effect
    Please see - and particularly the image of the yacht in the promo video

    just a thought.

    in either case - still wrapped about how your yacht has come along - looking forward to a few more updates
    take good care

    Ian & Annie

  2. Wow, she's looking fantastic. You have made quantum improvements, the paint finish is great, and you'll have so much better cockpit more big hats for you!

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. We're very pleased with our investment. Can't praise Precision Shipwrights highly enough. Great people, fantastic results.