Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Farewell to Boat Lagoon

Hi everyone,
Zen Again departed Boat Lagoon, Phuket this morning after nearly 6 months of repair and refit. We fuelled up and then were guided out of the creek by one of the marina men. After clearing the creek I hoisted the main but had to motor for an hour until we excaped the lee of the island. We are now romping along in a great 10-14 knot WSW breeze, heading directly for Langkawi with the wind on the beam. No 2 and full main, logging 6.5 knots and about 7 over the ground. Dry bilge too!

About to depart Boat Lagoon
The weather has been improving as we sail south. In Boat Lagoon it was overcast with drizzle. Once away from the island there's been about 6/8 cloud cover and no rain so far.

Sailing out of Thai waters

It was a little sad leaving Boat Lagoon. They're a friendly crowd. Most importantly Precision Shipwrights did a great job on the repairs and refit, and everything appears to be not only looking good but working very well too. The dual mainsheet system atop the new s/s arch is working very well. The new cockpit teak is wonderful - no more sitting on a bed of nails!

New Sail Number - back to our old FSC 88
Note - not a bendy mast, rather a wide angle lens!

Right now we're in position 07 38.9N 098 39.5E, doing 7.2 knots over the ground. But you can see all that on our new PredictWind tracker page (on the right hand side of the blog home page).

Still charging mid-afternoon (speed or amps? Both!)
Trust all's well where you are.

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