Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello Again Rebak

Hi everyone,
Zen Again is now back at Rebak Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia. We had a great passage from Phuket, logging 121nm in 24 hours. The nice westerley breeze (10-15 knots) and fine conditions lasted until 0300 this morning. Then we had a brief rain shower with 20-25knot winds. A good opportunity to try out the new reefing arrangements.

Zen Again's track
After the rain the wind was light but still westerly. We continued sailing at 2-3knots until about an hour away from Rebak. We motored in from there, with the only drama being when the motor stopped when just 100m from the entrance (and on a lee shore). We unrolled the jib, turned around and beat off under autopilot while I bled the fuel system. With the engine running again we entered the marina and tied up at pen B30.

There are several yachts here which took part in Sail Indonesia with us last year - good to see them. Some of the boats have had major "makeovers" as we have. An hour after we arrived a violent storm arrived and it blew 30+knots and poured rain for nearly two hours. Glad we arrived before that!

Moored at Rebak shortly after arrival
Rainstorm a short time later!

The direct passage from Phuket certainly exposed us to far fewer fishing boats and fishing nets. We passed half a dozen pair trawlers near Phuket but after that only saw individual trawlers occasionally, and stationary squid boats overnight. We passed through one big field of net floats in 50m of water west of Ko Rok Nok. Just after dawn we narrowly avoided a large tree trunk - just as well we weren't further ahead!
Zen Again at Rebak Marina

For those interested in single-handed short passage watchkeeping, I used the ten minute scheme. So day and night I set a 10 minute alarm, rested until it went off, looked out all round for traffic, checked sails, wind etc, and then set the alarm again. It worked well for me and it seemed it would be OK for up to perhaps 48 hours. Could be used when watch keeping on crewed passages too.

All in all, twas a great sail!


  1. Good to see your back on the move again - ZenAgian will have been growing cobwebs.

    Are you happy with the yachts performance and is there any discernable differences to her behaviour - clean bum and a firmly attached keel might have made some difference -
    no doubt your just happy with her being shipshape and sorted.

    take good care an keep up the good reporting

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your comment. The boat performed very well. Maintained a steady 6.5knots on the log while beam reaching in 10-12 knots of breeze. That's with the No 2 yankee and full main. Would have been 7+ with the No 1.

    The bottom isn't entirely clean after a month in the water at Boat Lagoon, but certainly not badly fouled. Looks pretty clean now.

  3. She's looking very smart in her new livery, and the cockpit looks great!

    Is the weather as hot as when we were there before? It looks very pleasant at the moment.

    Well done on your trip,


  4. Hi Graham,
    Thanks. The weather seemed about the same to me - perhaps not quite as hot, but as humid as ever. More frequent rain as you'd expect.