Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Craftsman Marine Diesel Trial Fit

Hi everyone,
Our engine replacement is continuing slowly but steadily.  Coping with the inevitable problems and cheered by finding solutions - often with the help of other yachties here at Rebak.

The second half of last week was spent completing the refurbishment of the engine compartment.  It now has three coats of two-pack polyurethane topcoat over two coats of undercoat.  Looks good.

Ready for new engine
On Saturday Barry from Nefertiti and John from Sea Mist assisted with the lift of the engine from the cockpit sole into the cabin, and from there into place for a trial fit.  Looks better!

New engine in place for trial fit
The trial fit showed that we really do need the special low-profile PolyFlex mounts I brought with me from Perth.  In fact we thought even they would not be low enough.  On Sunday I was contemplating cutting the tops off the engine beds to lower them.

Yesterday (Monday) I received good advice from shipwrights Alan and Martin.  Both thought the low profile mounts should work if the standard nuts were replaced with half-thickness nuts and an obstruction taken care of.  If the half-height nuts don't work then the engine can rest on washers instead of the adjusting nuts, but then we'd need to use shims under each mount to align the engine.

So today I took the ferry to the main island and eventually found a metalwork shop which could take four nylock nuts and turn them down as required.  Best of all the work only cost RM20 (A$7).  A little more metalwork to do, and then we'll offer up the engine again to see if it lines up with the propellor shaft.

By the way, photos have been added to the preceding post (below).

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