Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Admiral Marina

Hi everyone,
We arrived at Admiral Marina in Port Dickson at 1240 today, exactly 24 hours after departing Pangkor Marina.  We logged 115nm through the water but 143nm over the ground, so we got 28nm "free" from current!  We had expected to arrive late afternoon but the current got us here for lunch.

Zen Again Track
Detail of part of track showing traffic separation lanes
We motor-sailed all but one hour of the passage since the following winds were too light to give us a reasonable speed.  The one hour of sailing was when a thunderstorm came through just before dawn this morning, delivering 25knot+ gusts and rain, and a very nice little sail under one reef and the staysail.

The procession of large cargo vessels using the traffic separation lanes is impressive.  We also saw quite a few tugs and barges, but relatively few fishing vessels.  No encounters with nets this time.

The currents were interesting.  There appeared to be a southerly current flowing down the strait, overlaid on the tidal current pattern.  So when the tide charts said we'd get 1.0knot with us we found 2.5 knots with us, and when it said we should have 1.0 knot against us we found 0.5 knot with us.  Nice!
Motor sailing
The motor performed flawlessly.  After two short passages it is time for its first oil change!  I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Zen Again will remain here at Admiral Marina until next year.

Trust all's well where you are!


  1. Mike
    good to see that your underway again - and importantly a couple of shakedown trials for the new engine. by all accounts its sounds like the hard work and thought has paid off -

    I imagine there is a fair amount of humidity now in your region as the monsoonal trough is starting to make it way down over the equator - hot steamy weather at best - and probs not the best for sailing.

    all is good here - not going south this year for the hobart - next year is looking promising

    your work list on Zen Again must surely be coming to an end - in all respects she is looking really tidy.

    how has the raised mainsheet worked out - I would imagine you recover a whole lot of space in the cockpit - a good idea all round

    all the best to you both - and we trust that the next twelve months you can do more sailing and less re-engineering

    take good care

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your comment. It is hot, humid & pretty-much windless year-round up there - can't wait to get back to trade-wind or temperate zones.

    The mainsheet arch is working very well. As you say it frees up cockpit space. It also keeps the mainsheets out of the cockpit and provides an excellent handhold. Eventually we'll replace the dodger canvas with new, which will attach to the arch.

    Happy Xmas!

  3. Mike
    not sure if I sent you through the latest little website available from the world of meteorology -
    This application is nothing short of brilliant

    Based on the Japanese weather models – surprisingly – in my experience_ the seem to get the bigger events right over a 96 hr forecast
    Really quite handy when over laid with a MLSP synoptic chart
    The ability to be able to zoom in is quite dramatic - as always there is a difference between models
    Makes the 24hr MLSP look a bit fragile when comparing the two -