Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Vetus Exhaust System Installed

Hi everyone,
On Sunday I returned to Rebak Island Marina to replace our engine exhaust system.  The old 50mm system did not suit the new engine since it has a 40mm exhaust outlet and the outlet is lower then that on the old engine.

On Monday morning it only took a couple of hours to remove the old system, with much of that spend battling to release the hose from the transom fitting.  It had been sikaflexed in place and was a pain to remove.

Installing the new system took about 4 hours on Monday afternoon.  The system comprises a Vetus NLP waterlock close to the engine and a Vetus NLPG gooseneck in the lazarette.  The gooseneck is good because it acts as a vented loop, reducing how much water runs back into the waterlock when the engine stops.  New hose was used to connect the components.  A mixture of old and new hose clamps was used, with the old ones carefully checked for signs of rust.

Vetus NLP Waterlock installed
Vetus NLPG Gooseneck installed in the lazarette
On Tuesday I carefully checked the system from end to end and then fired up the engine.  Everything was fine, with the smaller (4 litre) waterlock producing a more consistent water flow at the transom.  I ran the engine up to 3000rpm in neutral, then ran it in gear for half an hour at 2000rpm.  No leaks anywhere and no problems.

After shutting down the engine I used one of the two drains in the NLP waterlock to check the water level.  There was about 2.8 litres in the unit so it appears to have plenty of capacity for the system.

At last Zen Again is ready for sea!

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