Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Aboard again in Bali Marina

Hi everyone,
Nicki and I flew north from Perth to Denpasar on Sunday evening, stepping back aboard Zen Again at midnight.  On Monday we caught up with Graham and Anne on Kakadu.  They arrived from Lovina Beach a few days earlier.  Twas great to see them again.

On Monday and Tuesday we got our main boat jobs done, including:
  • Test ran the engine
  • Checked provisions and drafted shopping list
  • Fitted new blocks on the mainsheets
  • Lashed and fitted 4 loops of hose clamps around the boom vang mast bracket
  • Climbed the mast (with Graham's help) and checked everything aloft
  • Visited Carrefour supermarket for provisions
  • Purchased "pulsa" (credit) for our Indonesian SIM cards
  • Loaded GoogleEarth imagery of Western Australian coast onto Kakadu's laptop
While we were away a local man Herman looked after the boat, including scrubbing clean the hull, keel and rudder.  The boat is looking good.

Unfortunately the weather outlook isn't good so we have decided to wait here for at least a week.  The forecasts show a tropical low (perhaps a cyclone) developing north of Darwin later this week and heading west.  The winds prior to its arrival (even if we departed immediately) are forecast to swing southerly and die so we'd have to motor at least half of the way.  And if the engine expired we'd be in the path of a potential cyclone - no thanks!

Once the low (if it does appear) moves past Bali we may well have some nice northerlies to get us going towards Australia in style.  That'd be nice (ie "dream on").

Every cloud has a silver lining, and ours is that we get to relax in Bali for a week!

Trust all's well where you are.

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  1. Mike and Nicci
    good to see your on the move again - and yes not a bad idea to avoid a nasty depression - from experience they hurt on so many levels.

    a couple of days spring cleaning and you will be right to go.
    dont know anything about the coast of WA - other than its good not to be swimming in the ocean at dusk/dawn

    we'll be watching your blog to see how you are travelling -
    a good mate of mine (xNAVY 2 1/2(LCDR)) is having a terrible time - lesson - polish up your AIS