Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fremantle and Moving Aboard

Hi everyone,
This morning we sailed from Rockingham to FSC in a brisk SE wind to complete our New Year Cruise.  Zen Again is safely back in her pen and we will now focus our attention on moving aboard.

We had a pleasant two days at Rockingham with Aqua Vitae.  We all had dinner aboard Zen Again on Tuesday and had dinner ashore together on Wednesday.  It was a nice way to end the cruise.

The last leg of our cruise was very pleasant.  The wind was E-SE and ranged from 18 to 25+ knots.  We had two reefs in the main and 2-3 reefs in the yankee yet were still doing over 6 knots all the way.

Zen Again track
Zen Again speed
Our overall New Year cruise logged a total of 270nm over 14 days with about 60 hours at sea.  We only used the motor for about 6 hours, much of which was entering and leaving harbours.  The new equipment all performed very well - the Extreme Sails yankee, the Fremantle Ocean Canvas dodger and the PredictWind Iridium Go!.

Zen Again's New Year Cruise
Over the few days we will be completing our move back aboard Zen Again.  This will be our next big step towards resuming blue-water cruising this year.

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