Friday, 30 January 2015

Rockingham Long Weekend

Hi everyone,
We spent last weekend with the FSC Cruising Section at Rockingham.  We had a good sail south to Rockingham on Saturday morning in a light and quite variable SE wind.  The sea breeze came in just as we arrived at around noon, and then blew hard all afternoon.  Good timing.

Zen Again Track
Zen Again Speed - FSC to Rockingham
Zen Again Speed - Rockingham to FSC
The long weekend was very social - Saturday evening at TCYC, Sunday breakfast ashore and Sunday dinner also ashore.  Nearly all moorings off TCYC were occupied.

Not many free moorings!
On Monday morning we sailed back to FSC and into our "new" pen.  By coincidence Stolen Kiss went into our old pen at exactly the same time.  Zen Again is now in a 10m pen which is a much better fit and considerably cheaper.  We'll only stay in this pen for a couple of weeks before we move to another 10m pen for the next few months.  The sail home was in a nice easterly which died right on time to make entry into the new pen easy.

Zen Again in FSC pen C44
This week we've been working on a number of maintenance tasks (in between real work)...

  • Completed installation of external antenna and power supply for Iridium Go!
  • Sanding and varnishing "door frames" and "skirting boards" in cabin

The Iridium Go! now shows a full five bars of signal strength continuously.  Much improved over the temporary installation under the side deck!

Iridium Go! external antenna
This evening we enjoyed a spectacular sunset from the cockpit...

FSC Sunset
By the way, we're working on labelling our blogs to simplify finding subjects/places of interest.  They're listed on the right hand side.

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