Friday, 27 March 2015

Galley Makeover - The Beginning of the End

Hi everyone,
We've made good progress on the galley makeover.  The fridge cool box and other new lockers are now painted. The condenser unit is mounted in the cockpit locker and the thermostat controller is mounted in the locker outboard of the cool box.

Cutting out the holes in the single piece of Laminex Aquapanel was a little scary.  On the aft side it is only about 30mm wide.  Happily it didn't fracture and it is now glued in place.

Aft worktop installed
The worktops were masked around the three lockers and painting commenced.  Three coats of Norglass Shipshape Primer/Undercoat followed by three of Norglass Northane Gloss.  This was over the existing several coats of Norglass Epoxy Resin.  The gloss is very glossy!

Top coated
Not forgetting the forward worktop locker!
The Veco Frigoboat Capri CF50 condenser unit is mounted in the main cockpit locker - on the aft face of the bulkhead which is the aft wall of the galley.  Quite how we'll arrange good airflow remains to be sorted out, probably by ducting to/from the lazarette which has a cowling to the open air.  I'm glad we painted the cockpit locker last year.

CF50 on custom-made s/s shelf
The Frigoboat thermostat control won't be played with very often so we decided to mount it in the locker outboard of the fridge cool box.  Keeps the electrical and sensor leads out of harm's way.  In the photo below it is below the hole through which power, evaporator plate pipes and thermostat cables connect to the condenser unit on the other side of the bulkhead.

Thermostat controller and bulkhead penetration in outboard locker
With the painting of the boxes finished we can finish the shaping of the three locker lids to fit, and paint them.  Next week we will also be fitting the evaporator plate in the cool box and connecting everything.  This will be done with help from John of Bluewater Marine Refrigeration.

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