Sunday, 15 March 2015

Galley Makeover - Half Way

Hi everyone,
I thought of entitling this "point of no return", but of course we're well past that point in the galley project.  We are probably past half way but to call this point "the beginning of the end" would be tempting fate!

The sink side of the galley is now complete apart from building the locker lid and painting the locker interior.  We've been using the sink for a week now and it is brilliant.

Sink and adjacent worktop with lid-less locker outboard
The fridge cool box is coming along well.  The interior floor and walls are now installed and the top cover is being constructed.

4mm ply interior walls and top cover installed
Middle and upper 9mm ply top covers

Three layers of ply will form the top surface
We're getting close to calling the fridge mechanic to schedule installation of the evaporator plate and connection to the condenser unit.

Separately from the galley makeover we now have a new s/s tiller.  It replaces the wooden tiller which will be retained as a spare.  The new tiller will make hand steering much easier due to the width of the loop.  Of course it has a pin for the autopilot ram and a chain hook for the vane gear.

New tiller
Note the liferaft which was recently serviced by Great Circle in Queensland.

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