Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Galley Makeover - The End

Hi everyone,
The new galley is now fully operational.  Here are the pictures...

Overall view
Aft worktop with large fridge lid and outboard locker
Forward worktop with sink and outboard locker
We're very happy with the result which is a big improvement.  The fridge is working very well and the new sink is great.  The expansive worktop space is a wonder.

There are a couple of jobs still to do.  A "smart controller" has been ordered and will be installed.  It will give us a readout of the fridge temperature and will automatically control compressor RPM.  At present the compressor is either full-on or off.  The other job is to fit catches on the three locker lids.

Here are the overall project statistics (all approximate)...

  • Duration = 2 months
  • Effort = 120 hours
  • Cost = $3000 (sink, fridge unit, insulation, plywood, aquapanel, epoxy, glue, paints, hose etc)

Not too bad for a fairly comprehensive galley makeover!

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