Friday, 17 April 2015

New Mainsail Arrival

Hi everyone,
Our new mainsail arrived quicker than expected and our spare time has been used bending it on and running new (longer) tack and clew reefing lines.  The sail (from Extreme Sails) looks great.  Happily we've had almost windless early mornings.

Full main - looks fast!
 We expect to sail with one reef from about 20 to 35 knots or so.

First Reef
Above about 35 knots we'll use the second reef.  This is the same size as our trisail but much easier to set.

Second Reef
The sail hoists and falls more easily than the old thanks to the roller slugs. And it just about fits in the boom bag.  I'm sure it will fit more easily as its initial stiffness eases.

Can't wait to try it out on the water!

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