Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reunion Arrival

Hi everyone,
We arrived at Le Port on Reunion Island at 1330 today.  We are moored in the new marina.  We are here in company with Vulcan Spirit, Impala, Y Not, Sea Bunny and Minnie B, plus many local boats.  It seems that the marina staff and customs people have knocked-off for the afternoon so we'll try to find them tomorrow.

Approaching Reunion
An hour after my preceding post the wind filled in enough for us to sail.  From then we had a nice sail in an 8-12 knot ESE breeze.  As we sailed along the north side of the island the breeze funnelled along the coast and gave us a fast finish.  We logged 150nm (147nm over the ground) in 27 hours for an average of 5.5knots.  We had 12 hours with wind and rain, 6 hours with neither and then 9 hours good sailing.

One unusual event overnight was seeing the volcano on the SE corner of the island erupting.  There was a very clear and substantial red glow which varied in intensity.  It was well above the horizon which made sense when I looked at a map of the island.

Here are the usual graphics…

Zen Again track

Zen Again speed
The new marina is not shown on charts yet but GoogleEarth is up to date.  The entrance to the marina isn't immediately obvious.  On entering Le Port head towards the orange portacabin/container.  There are several red teardrop bouys immediately outside the new marina entrance.  Initially they don't make sense but as you close them they form a "funnel" into the entrance.  Unless advised otherwise visitors seem to moor port side to at the head of the first jetty you see.

GoogleEarth view of Le Port showing new marina and our track

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