Monday, 30 November 2015

Port Elizabeth Inbound Day 2

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 33 29S 27 44E, on a course of 240M at a speed of 4 knots. We are sailing under single-furled yankee only. Our SOG (speed over ground) is 7-9 knots. We have about 4 knots of current with us. Our day's run was 128nm through the water and about 180nm over the ground. We have 110nm to run to PE.

We are sailing under yankee alone to slow down. We plan to arrive in PE at dawn tomorrow. The wind is currently ENE at 10-15 knots and it is a lovely sunny day. This morning we saw several albatross and what we think was a great white shark. Whatever it was it was big.

Yesterday afternoon was hard work with the wind exceeding 30 knots from the ENE. We were broad reaching and gybed to an fro to stay in the current. The seas weren't as high as usual due to the current but for some reason the motion was very uncomfortable. We are running a HF sked each evening and several boats commented on how uncomfortable it was. We weren't sea-sick but weren't enjoying ourselves. Regardless of comfort we made good progress.

During the afternoon we were treated to a show by a large pod of dolphins. There were at least 50 in the pod and they were all leaping from the seas and having a great time. They didn't join us but the show was spectacular as they passed by. We also saw several lone albatross which circled us a couiple of times before going on their way. We were also dodging ships and yachts. Several bigger yachts gradually overtook us. Many were going to East London but some to PE like us.

Overnight the wind gradually eased. By dawn the wind was very light and we were off East London. After downloading and inspecting the morning GRIBs we decided to push on to PE. We motored for 3 hours in a very light land-breeze and then the ENE wind started filling in again. We stowed the main and unrolled the jib. Soon we'll be heading into shallower water where the current should decrease. This will reduce our SOG and change our ETA from midnight tonight to dawn tomorrow.

We have called Algoa Bay Yacht Club in PE and they advise their marina is filling up but the fisheries wharf is available. Good to know there's room for us in the harbour somewhere!

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