Sunday, 29 November 2015

RIchards Bay Outbound Day 1

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 31 26S 30 07E, on a course of 210M at a speed of 6-7 knots. We are sailing under double-reefed main and triple-furled yankee. Our SOG (speed over ground) is 10-12 knots! We have 4-5 knots of current with us.

By the log we did 111nm noon-to-noon. Over the ground we did about 180nm, and that's including several hours of very slow going yesterday afternoon. It will be interesting to see how we do today.

Last night an ENE wind finally arrived around sunset. It gradually built until at 2100 we could turn the motor off. The wind continued to build overnight and swung around to the NNE. We currently have 25-30 knots of wind. The seas seem quite short, presumably due to the very strong current. I wouldn't want to be here in a southerly!

Overnight it was cloudy with occasional light rain showers. The cloud started breaking up this morning and we are now under scattered cloud with periods of sun. The scene is quite spectacular with the sun and the wind-waves. Thankfully there's no discernable swell.

We are begin overtaken by a steady stream of larger yachts also heading south. We can see a couple on AIS right now. At this rate we should all make it to Port Elizabeth on this NNE wind.

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