Thursday, 17 December 2015

Cape Agulhas

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 34 58S 20 00E, directly south of Cape Agulhas. We have left the Indian Ocean and entered the South Atlantic. Passing one of the Great Capes doesn't happen every day so we will shortly be drinking a nip of rum, with one for King Nepture.

Sadly we are still motor-sailing. The engine has been on since departing Mossel Bay but we have had periods when the sails have adding to our speed. Sailing is made especially difficult by the swell which is refusing to die down as it is supposed to be doing. On the plus side we are consistently getting about 0.5knot of assistance from the current. We have 94nm to go to Simon's Town.

Last night the skies were almost totally clear and the air was exceptionally so. The night sky was amazing, so bright that Jupiter was laying down a narrow path of light on the sea (a "staircase to Jupiter").

All's well here - trust all's well where you are!

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