Thursday, 31 December 2015

Simon's Town - Touring the Cape Region

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we drove around the peninsula south of Cape Town.  We visited Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, then drove around Chapman's Peak.  This morning we visited Boulders Beach to see the African Penguins.

We arrived at the Cape Point entrance to Table Mountain National Park at 0715.  There was no queue.  When we departed at 0915 there was a kilometre-long queue - so get there early!  It's also a good idea to get there early if you plan to walk around - it can get pretty hot by mid morning.
Cape Point lighthouse
Early morning view over Cape Point
Long way down
Long way home!
From the Cape Point car park we walked the 1km or so to the Cape of Good Hope.  Along the way we came upon a troop of baboons.  Two of them were engrossed in grooming one-another.  We walked past quietly, carrying a big stick.  They are quite large animals.

Just keep grooming guys
One of many small lizards
View to the NW from Cape of Good Hope
After walking back to the car we drove around to the Cape of Good Hope car park to explore the beach there.  We counted over 80 small motor boats apparently fishing off the cape.

At the Cape
Rocky beach at the Cape
We then drove out of the park and via Noordhoek to the very scenic drive around Chapman's Peak to Hout Bay.

Scenic Drive (note mist out to sea)
View across Hout Bay to the town and harbour

Yesterday afternoon we did some important boat jobs.  We refuelled, adding 80 litres of diesel to the main tanks and another 100 litres in our five jerry cans.  That was hot work so we jumped into the water to cool off and clean the keel.  The underwater surfaces are now quite clean.

This morning we walked from FBYC to the Boulder Beach area of Table Mountain National Park.  A colony of African Pelicans live here.  There were many young penguins still in their down coats, and others in their "baby blue" coats.

Busy beach
Artificial nests
and a Rock Hyrax
Locally but incorrectly called a Dassie
Size of a small wombat
Closest living relative?  Elephant!!!
On our way back to FBYC we paid homage to Just Nuisance, the Great Dane who escorted sailors back to their ships (from the pub) during WW2.  A bit of a local legend is Just Nuisance, the only dog to have officially served in the Royal Navy.  He died in 1944 and was buried with full military honours.
Just Nuisance
Happy New Year everyone!

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