Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn in the UK

Hi everyone,
We have now moved ashore and are both working full-time.  We had thought we might live aboard for a year or so but the cost of commuting from Hull to our workplaces made that uneconomic.  It was costing close to 100 pounds each week for petrol alone!

Our "local" - dressed overall for halloween
So we're now living in a small apartment half-way between our workplaces, with reasonable commutes for both of us.  After 18 months aboard the move ashore was a big deal.  We filled our car twice with "stuff" and discovered the boat has better storage than our apartment.  The apartment is considerably warmer however!  And the local pub (above) has great beer and food.

Speaking of warm, that's something Zen Again isn't going to be for quite a while.  We will soon have to "winterise" the boat - something we've never had to do before.  Here's a rough list of what we expect to do:

  • Move stuff ashore to a warmer & drier environment (well underway)
  • Stow loose items staying aboard in sealed containers to prevent rust/mould
  • Empty fresh water tanks and hoses to prevent damage from water freezing
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Change the engine fresh water systems' coolant
  • Drain the engine's raw water system and remove the raw water impeller
  • Slacken off the engine's V belt
  • Install a dehumidifier to keep the boat dry and (perhaps) warm

We bought a dehumidifier today after looking for reviews.  Practical Boat Owner recommends the Meaco DD8L Junior.  As it happened there was a unit in stock nearby so we're now testing it at home.

By the way, our next talk at the Cruising Association is now being advertised online here.

Trust all's warm and comfy where you are!


  1. Really enjoyed your talk at the C Ass Saturday.
    Could you please send me as an attachment the slides, or whatever was o the USB stick you were passing around!
    I'm now thinking of buying a used Macbook from MacMan in Brighton to use OpenCPN.