Monday, 27 February 2017

Winter in the UK

Hi everyone,
It's been a long time since our previous post.  Zen Again has been resting in her berth in Hull Marina.  Happily winter has been mild this year, albeit with several "named storms".  We've been visiting the marina regularly to check all's OK aboard and to top up the electricity meter which keeps the four onboard tube heaters running.

While Zen Again has been resting we have been busy at work and exploring Yorkshire when opportunities presented.  We've had some great walks in lovely countryside.  Some weekends were write-offs due to weather or bad colds but overall we've been really enjoying Yorkshire.

One of two slightly snowy mornings
We spent last weekend in London, principally to present at the Cruising Association.  The bluewater section asked us to present on AIS, HF and Satellite Imagery in an all-day event.  We had 58 participants and the day seemed to go very well.  We stayed in one of the CA's cabins which are very convenient and affordable.

At the Cruising Association
We extended our stay in London so we could visit some of London's great museums.  On Sunday we visited the Natural History Museum and particularly enjoyed their vulcano, mineral, jemstone and dinosaur exhibits.

On Monday we visited the the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.  The museum has excellent displays on many nautical themes.  We particularly enjoyed seeing Harrison's clocks, the Nelson's Navy exhibit and the array of amazing paintings.

Nice painting of a warship launch
One of Harrison's famous clocks - fully restored and running
A very famous painting of James Cook
This weekend we took Zen Again's mattresses and sails back aboard.  A little early perhaps but we are preparing to move from Yorkshire to Surrey in a few weeks.  New job opportunities beckon so we are moving south.  Zen Again will stay in Hull until summer when we hope to sail her north to transit the Caledonian Canal to SW Scotland.


  1. Hi guys! Wow - you're in the UK! OMG! Guess what! We're leaving the Bay for a once around, then who knows! Have had you in our radar for a while, but didn't realise you've parked in the UK! We've so often thought of you guys as we've been out fitting Cera - something about you guys being so thorough - we're trying to be so, but on a deadline now. Not that we'll hopefully be on a deadline after that, we just want to go! We've both resigned, and are looking forward to our country. Hope it's all as good as your blog! Maybe in some random place we'll catch up!!!! Cheers, Ceals & Tony

    1. Hi Ceals & Tony,
      Great to hear from you and fantastic that you're going cruising. You'll love it!

      We expect to stay in the UK for a few years before heading home.

  2. Mike
    we (Annie and I ) have joined the fray - we purchased a Cavalier 350 - mainly as play thing on weekends - but we just had to get away from the daily grind- on the motto - you cant take it with you - and it would be dreadful to get close to quitting paid employment and have something medical change the picture. I'll have a dig for your email addy and fire you a few pictures across - more of a round the cans go faster machine - than a sedate 35fter - looks like winter has kept you both away from the yacht - understandably - I suspect you'll move abit when the weather warms up - take good care
    Ian and Annie

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