Saturday, 1 September 2012

Labuan Bajo

Hi everyone,
We had another great day today, sailing from Gilibodo to Labuan Bajo, or more accurately past Bajo to the Sail Indonesia anchorage off the Eco Lodge.

Zen Again Track
Last night we had a bit of fun when Kakadu arrived off the anchorage after having had to leave their anchorage on the other side of the island.  We helped guide them in over the radio and believe there's a bottle of fine wine with our name on it somewhere on their boat.  The anchorage at Gilibodo was a little rolly last night due to the left-over sea from the sea-breeze and a light SE wind.  Nevertheless we slept well.

In the morning we went for a swim, snorkelling over the outer reef and visiting a couple of boats for a chat.  At 1000 we got underway and with Kakadu in company we motored across the bay and through the channel south of Pulau Seraya.  We had to dodge several reefs, some of which were on our Garmin charts and others not.  The Garmin charts seem to be the best available for this area, but there are still omissions and sometimes offsets.  The reefs are easy to see provided the sun is high and one wears polorised glasses.

Sailing south towards Labuan Bajo
Sailing past Labuan Bajo towards the anchorage
Once through the channel, we turned south and had a short sail to the channel between the town of Bajo and Pulau Tenga.  The channel is full of moored boats and the port has an array of jetties and I think I saw a travel-lift.  From there we sailed the mile or so south to the anchorage where we anchored in 6m over sand/mud.  We are anchored at 08 31.087S 119 52.049E.

Under sail near Labuan Bajo
After anchoring David from catamaran Leu Cat came over and gave us a run-down on the local situation regarding reprovisioning, visiting town, getting ashore and available tours.  Very helpful.

We expect to spend several days here reprovisioning, exploring the town and doing a day tour to Rinca Island to see the famous Komodo Dragons.  Although we'll sail to Rinca ourselves we decided a tour with a bunch of other yachties will be good fun.

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