Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi everyone,
Kilo is a small town on the north coast of Sumbawa.  We sailed here today from Banta island, completing the 60nm passage in a little over 10 hours - pretty good going.  We're now anchored at 08 19.737S 118 23.218E in 10m over black sand.  The anchorage is good because there appears to be no coral nearby, so we have good holding without hazards.

Zen Again Track
Zen Again GoogleEarth Track (note the volcanos!)
We had a great sail across the strait from Banta Island with S winds of 12-15 knots.  Happily the wind turned SE and then E as we departed the strait and sailed along the N coast of eastern Sumbawa.  The E wind held in until we crossed the long narrow bay between the two volcanos on the picture above.  There the wind became N, and then a WNW sea breeze came in which slowed us down somewhat.  While the breezes fought each-other we motor-sailed to keep up progress.  Eventually the sea-breeze won and we had a good sail on the wind and then close reaching to Kilo.

Zen Again sailing!
Approaching Sumbawa
Anchorage at Kilo
View of the beach from Zen Again
Tonight will be a quiet night after a long day's sailing!  Tomorrow we expect to head towards Kananga, about halfway along the N coast of Sumbawa.  We'll pass the famous Tambora volcano which erupted in 1815 bringing a "year without summer" to the entire world.

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