Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Medang Island

Hi everyone,
We are now anchored in the bay off the north side of Medang Island, in 10m over sand at 08 08.56S 117 22.33E. Today's passage logged 66nm in 12 hours for an average of 5.5knots. Unfortunately a swell is penetrating the anchorage and all of the 8 or so yachts here are pitching quite uncomfortably.

Zen Again Track
We departed Kilo at about 0630 with a nice southerly breeze of 10-15 knots. We sailed rapidly across the bay and passed the remains of Mount Tambora. The wind swung around behind us to become an easterly before dying at around 10am. A westerly wind gradually filled in and we motored and motor-sailed at is swung around to the north-west. Mid-afternoon the breeze died again and came back from the south, this time up to 20 knots. We had a great sail past Moyo Island with a partially furled No 2 jib and single-reefed main. As we approached Medang Island the breeze died again and we motor-sailed and then motored for the last two hours. We dropped anchor about 20 minutes after sunset, just as twilight was fading. Good timing! ;)

Passing Sumbawa
sv Kokomo V inshore
It's a shame the anchorage is so uncomfortable. Medang Island has a nice beach and is supposed to be very beautiful. We'll wait and see what it's like tomorrow, but if it remains uncomfortable we'll be outa here early tomorrow morning. Whenever we leave, our next destination will be on the island of Lombok.

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