Saturday, 27 June 2015

Meade Island

Hi everyone,
We've had a pleasant day here at Meade Island, anchored off the Dirk Hartog Island station homestead.

Zen Again at anchor
The homestead operates as an eco-resort (their web site is here) with several rooms and a camping area.  We met the manager this morning and she was kind enough to let us use their facilities.  Today was the family's only day off between groups of paying visitors so we stayed out of their way.  The resort has an impressive solar panel array (visible in one of the photos below) and a largish wind generator atop the nearby hill.

We had a good walk inland and another along the beach.  The weather is perfect here at the moment - light breezes, clear skies and mild to warm temperatures.

Dirk Hartog Island Resort
View of homestead/resort from adjacent hill
Meade Island on the right and Zen Again on the left.
This afternoon we did a few boat jobs in a leisurely manner.  Replaced a worn boom vang line with a longer line in better shape.  Replaced the (new) staysail furling line which was just a little too short.  Aired out the cockpit lockers.
Yesterday's Sunset
Tomorrow we plan to sail north a few miles to Quoin Bluff South.


  1. Hi Mike and Nicky, enjoying your blog. I'll be interested to see where you get to tomorrow. Back in May, when heading for Cape Ransonnet to hide from a NW blow, we saw a yacht work its way in close to the Western shoreline south of Quoin Bluff. Not sure how big she was or what she drew, but I'd have guessed she was at least 35'. I was tempted to try and follow them, but Kaye wasn't!

    1. I should point out that this boat was *well* south of Quoin Bluff (ie South of Egg Island). We tried to tuck in between Quoin Bluff South and Egg Island and ran out of water very quickly, do pushed on South to Cape Ransonnet!

    2. Hi Rob, thanks for your comments. We decided to move on to Denham instead. See the latest post.