Friday, 26 June 2015

Shelter Bay

Hi everyone,
At 1530 on Wednesday we anchored in Shelter Bay at 26 10.3s 113 12.1e.  That's at the southern end of Shark Bay.  There is only one other yacht here - catamaran Sam which left Geraldton shortly before us, arrived at the same time as us.  She looks fast so we're happy to have kept up with him!

sv Sam
We logged 191nm for the 31 hour passage, for an average of 6 knots. By GPS we covered 182nm over the ground, so lost 9nm to currents. There were certainly currents aound Port Gregory and Bluff Point - around 1.5 knots.  Here are our track and speed plots...

Zen Again Track
Zen Again Speed
 We had a great sail yesterday with wind varying from 8 to 20 knots, all from the east. Throughout the day we saw whales, mostly at a distance. Saw them tail-slapping a couple of times. Early in the evening one whale blew only a couple of boat-lengths off our port side - a bit too close for comfort. I saw the whale clearly in silhouette as he dived. I think he/she was as surprised as me!

Over night the wind increased, and at about 0200 this morning was over 30 knots. That wasn't in the brochure! It stayed at 30-35 for several hours which we spent under staysail and double-reefed main. Our second reef gives us a trisail sized main. The boat handled it all very well.

We copped a few nice waves!
This morning the wind gradually decreased and we had a great sail past the spectacular cliffs south of Steep Point.

View of Steep Point from SW
View south from W of Steep Point
Detail of our path through South Passage to Shelter Bay
Our anchorage is open to the east so we'll be on the lookout for strong winds tonight. They are not forecast.

View towards South Passage from Shelter Bay

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