Friday, 26 June 2015

Shelter Bay to Meade Island

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we had a lazy day anchored at Shelter Bay.  Winds were light for most of the day.  Although it was sunny the air was quite cool.  Last night was a little uncomfortable due to a wind over tide situation putting the boat beam-on to a slight swell.  Rolly.

It was interesting watching the 2m swell breaking on the SW side of Dirk Hartog island.  Despite the relatively low swell the spume was thrown high in the air and there was a distinct hazy area which extended several hundred meters aloft.

Low swell breaking on Dirk Hartog
We made some friends during the day.  A pair of swallows perched on the boat several times during the day.  Perhaps they know we're heading north as they are.  They certainly had a lot to say for themselves.

Friendly swallows
Today we hoisted the anchor and motor-sailed to Meade Island via the Inner Bar.  The motoring gave the batteries a good charge.  The wind was light SE.  The inner bar had about 0.5m more water on the leads than charted.  The lead marker ashore appear to be absent, as do two of the three green lateral marks.

Approaching Meade Island we stayed well offshore until ENE of the island.  Even then we went across shallows of about 2.2m (reduced to chart datum).  Once over the shallows the bay E of the island had about 2.5m, allowing us to anchor in 3m of actual water depth.

We are at anchor at Meade Island at 25 59.9s 113 11.9e in 3m over sand/rock.  Here's today's track...

Zen Again Track
Meade Island is quite small - perhaps 150m from end to end - and covered with many types of birds.  The small peak on the island is a sea eagle's nest.

Meade Island
The Dirk Hartog station homestead is close to the beach.  Apparently it caters for tourists so we plan to go ashore in search of beer, probably tomorrow.

Dirk Hartog station homestead
Happily we have mobile coverage here - just.  One bar of signal strength on the phone and it is discharging fast since it's having to transmit at max power to bring this to you!

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