Tuesday, 16 February 2016

St Helena Arrival

Hi everyone,
We arrived at Jamestown at 0600 this morning.  The final 18 hours or so were done in "slow mode" to time our arrival for first light.  We are now on a mooring at 15 55.44S 005 43.49W.  There are 23 moorings for visiting yachts, five of which (coloured red) are reserved for yachts over 50 feet LOA.  There are several vacant moorings this morning.

Red Duster courtesy flag hoisted

We had a very nice sail yesterday and overnight.  We sailed under single-reefed main and triple-furled yankee to slow her down (which isn't easy!).  Late in the afternoon we sighted land when about 55nm off.  At night the island has a set of red lights around its eastern side which are conspicuous (and helpful).  Most of the night we had clear skies which was very pleasant.  This morning it was grey and a little drizzly but that seems appropriate for landfall at British territory!  ;)

This morning we approached the island from the ENE just in the lit sector of the White FL(2) light on Sugar Loaf Pt.  We encountered no offlying mooring buoys or other hazards.  We passed just N of the charted wreck before turning towards the anchorage.

On the mooring with Jamestown in background

As the photo shows, the cliffs nearby are very steep.  The island looks like an interesting place.

We'll post again this afternoon with the usual passage summary.  It's fantastic to be in St Helena!

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  1. Congrats on your safe arrival in St Helena, looks like you had a great trip. We look forward to hearing what St Helena is like.