Sunday, 21 February 2016

St Helena Day 4

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we took a tour of Jamestown.  The guide Basil George presented a very informative account of the history of St Helena generally and Jamestown in particular.

Zen Again

RMS St Helena arrived yesterday

The famous landing on the wharf

The fortifications along Jamestown waterfront are very impressive, having many of the features of a medieval castle, including a moat.  The entire waterfront between the two very steep hills at each side was fortified with a sea wall, deep moat and the the town wall.  The latter is about 8m tall and just as thick.  There used to be only two penetrations through the wall, each only big enough for two people to walk through side by side.  Seventy nine cannons were mounted along the walls.

Customs House

Town wall arch built in 1948

St Helena was vital to the English East India Company from the 1600s until the mid 1800s.  About 1000 ships visited the island every year laden with riches from the east.  With the Cape in Dutch hands the island was essential for provisioning and watering the ships on their way home.  There was a garrison of 1000 soldiers.

St James's Church

The people of St Helena (aka Staints) had full English citizenship

Big Guns

We had a very pleasant afternoon tea at The Consulate Hotel at the end of the tour.  Very civilised.

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